Count Fulk V of Anjou Made Third King of Jerusalem Hot

Count Fulk V of Anjou Made Third King of Jerusalem

Fulk V Of Anjou and Melsiende

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Count Fulk V of Anjou is crowned the third king of Jerusalem. Fulk is able to receive the crown because in 1129 he married Melisende, daughter and heir of Baldwin II, King of Jerusalem.

Fulk and Melisende are supposed to rule Jerusalem jointly, but Fulk will seize full personal control and begins favoring nobility from his home of Anjou. This will lead to resentment and rebellion. Eventually there will be a palace coup, and Melisende herself takes control over the Kingdom of Jerusalem in 1136.

Baldwin may have been worried that something like this might happen: he wanted the marriage because he had no male heirs, and Fulk, being powerful and wealthy, was the perfect choice because he can protect Jerusalem for their future heirs.

Baldwin, however, only wanted Fulk to become Melisende's consort; Fulk refused unless he could be her equal and take the throne of Jerusalem himself. Baldwin was ultimately forced to accept those terms.

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