Death of Pope Adrian IV - Only Pope to Ever come From British Isle Hot

Death of Pope Adrian IV - Only Pope to Ever come From British Isle

Pope Adrian IV (Hadrian IV)

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Pope Adrian IV (Hadrian IV) dies. Born Nicholas Breakspear in England, he was the only pope to ever come from the British Isles.

His efforts at reform while an abbot attracted the ire of some in the Roman Catholic Church, but it also attracted positive attention — in particular from Pope Eugene III, who elevated him to the position of cardinal bishop of Albano.

As pope, Adrian IV suffered through many conflicts with Romans who were opposed to papal power. His crowning of Emperor Frederick Barbarossa on June 18, 1155, led to such violence that he actually had to flee Rome.

His relationship with Frederick was not always peaceful either and, in 1156, Pope Adrian IV was forced to side with the Normans of Sicily against Frederick.

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