Byzantine Emperor Manuel I Komnenos Dies Hot

Byzantine Emperor Manuel I Komnenos Dies

Byzantine Empire, c.1180 under Emperor Manuel I Komnenos
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Manuel I Komnenos, Byzantine Emperor, dies at the age of 61. Manuel has pursued a very aggressive foreign policy, creating alliances where he can and going to war when necessary, in order to reestablish the former glory and power of the Byzantine Empire.

Manuel I Komnenos inspires very strong loyalty among the people who serve under him and he acquires the name ho Megas ("the Great") from the Greeks.

Manuel had let the armies of the Second Crusade pass through his lands on their way to Palestine, but during much of his reign he was at war with various European powers, particularly the Normans and Venice.

Manuel will be succeeded by his son Alexius II, just eleven years old. Manuel's wife, Maria, is Latin by birth and greatly resented among the people, leading to an insurrection two years later.

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