Pope John XXII Crowned & Enthroned at Lyons

Pope John XXII Crowned & Enthroned at Lyons

Pope John XXII

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Pope John XXII is crowned and enthroned at Lyons. Elected the previous month after an interregnum of over two years, Pope John XXII will establish his residence in Avignon, continuing the Avignon Papacy established by his predecessor Cement V.

The Avignon Papacy, sometimes referred to as Avignon Captivity of the papacy, lasts for a total of 67 years. The papacy is forced to remain dependent upon and largely under the control over the French court in order to preserve its image as sole expression of God's will on earth.

Pope John XXII will work to centralize church power (through the appointment of bishops) and centralize church finances (through the imposition of papal taxes).

His quest for greater centralized church authority over religious matters will bring Pope John XXII into doctrinal conflict with the Spiritual Franciscans, a group which places an emphasis on Francis' original goals of poverty and humility. These are two doctrines which contradict the growing papal power and taxation. Pope Benedict XII, successor of John XXII, will condem the latter's opinion that saints will not see God until after the Final Judgment.

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