Combined European Forces Lay Siege to Ottoman City of Nicopolis Hot

Combined European Forces Lay Siege to Ottoman City of Nicopolis

Battle of Nicopolis
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Battle of Nicopolis: A combined force of French, German, Burgundian, and Hungarian soldiers arrive at Nicopolis, an Ottoman Turk city in Europe, and begin to lay siege.

This is the last major crusading expedition of the Middle Ages and ends in a complete rout of the Christian allies. The reasons for this lie largely in their own overconfidence: they have no siege engines, don't think that Sultan Bayezid I will arrive very quickly to counter their siege, and generally don't take the Turkish defenders of Nicopolis very seriously.

For the next two weeks, the Crusaders will sit outside the city walls, blocking the exits but primarily just taking it easy and enjoying themselves. Most don't know, and those who know don't believe, that Sultan Bayezid I is close and moving in fast.


The Battle of Nicopolis 1396 — (Last Crusade vs Ottoman Empire)

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