Battle of Nicopolis - Crusaders Besieging Ottoman City are Defeated by Turks Hot

Battle of Nicopolis - Crusaders Besieging Ottoman City are Defeated by Turks

Battle of Nicopolis
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Battle of Nicopolis: The Crusaders besieging the Ottoman Turkish city of Nicopolis in Bulgaria are thoroughly defeated by a Turkish army led personally by Sultan Bayezid I.

A Crusader army of around 60,000 men made up of from the Hungarian army of Sigismund of Luxembourg along with French, German, Polish, Italian, and English forces arrived two weeks ago with the intention of capturing Nicopolis before moving deeper into Turkish territory.

The Ottoman sultan, Bayezid, gathered together a massive army of his own (made up mostly of soldiers who had been besieging Constantinople) and arrives today to relieve the besieged city.

The Turkish victory is due largely to French inexperience and pride: although a French cavalry charge is successful at first, they are forced into a trap which leads to their own slaughter. Bulgaria becomes a vassal state and, like Serbia, will remain one until 1878.


The Battle of Nicopolis 1396 — (Last Crusade vs Ottoman Empire)

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