Birth of Future Pope Julius III, Will Devote Himself to Luxury & Pleasure Hot

Birth of Future Pope Julius III, Will Devote Himself to Luxury & Pleasure

Pope Julius III
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Pope Julius III is born Giovanni Maria Ciocchi del Monte in Rome. Elected as a compromise candidate when rival French and German cardinals are deadlocked, he will fail to live up to the high promise he shows early in his ecclesiastical career.

Instead of reinforcing the institution he is leading, he uses it to further his own interests — particularly those involving physical pleasure.

Early in his papacy, Julius III will be persuaded by Emperor Charles V to recall the Council of Trent which had been suspended in 1548. During its six sessions Protestant theologians will attend as well, but nothing ultimately comes of it.

The only noteworthy thing which Pope Julius III accomplishes is confirming the constitution of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in 1550 and creating the Collegium Germanicum for training German priests.

Despite the long-term importance of this, matters will deteriorate because Julius devotes himself to living a life of luxury and ease, shocking others at his extreme behavior.

The first cardinal he ever creates will be a boy of just sixteen years — and solely because of the youth's courage when bitten by the pope's pet monkey.

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