Pope Nicholas V Gives Spain Sovereignty Over Discovered Lands

Pope Nicholas V Gives Spain Sovereignty Over Discovered Lands

Pope Nicholas V
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Pope Nicholas V issues the papal bull Dudum Siquidem, also entitled "Extension of the Apostolic Grant and Donation of the Indies." It sweeps aside all previous papal grants of power or land and gives Spain absolute sovereignty over everything discovered or to be discovered "west or south and east of India."

These rights are deliberately framed as being exclusive of Portugal, thus cutting Portugal off from commercial or colonial interests in these areas. Portuguese King John II is not happy at all and enters into negotiations with King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain to get the boundary line shifted in his favor.

Hardly any of the lands in question have even been seen by any Europeans yet, so no one has actually set foot there in order to try to claim possession. As of now it's all theoretical, though the papal bull will be used to defend claims later on.

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