Ulrich Zwingli Celebrates First Mass as Priest Hot

Ulrich Zwingli Celebrates First Mass as Priest

Ulrich Zwingli

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In his home town of Wildhaus, Switzerland, Ulrich Zwingli celebrates Mass for the first time. He has already received a Master of Arts degree from the University of Basel but hasn't studied much theology and doesn't intend to.

He will, however, become a dedicated scholar with a strong knowledge of both Greek and Hebrew. His personal library will contain over three hundred works from patristic, humanistic, scholastic, and classical writers.

Ulrich Zwingli writes about the nature of the Mass:

"That Christ, having sacrificed himself once, is to eternity a certain and valid sacrifice for the sins of all faithful, wherefrom it follows that the Mass is not a sacrifice, but is a remembrance of the sacrifice and assurance of the salvation which Christ has given us."


Zwingli and the Reformation in Switzerland

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