Reinforcements From Sicily Arrive at Great Siege of Malta Hot

Reinforcements From Sicily Arrive at Great Siege of Malta

Knights of St. John Defending Malta, 1565

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Great Siege of Malta: Reinforcements from Sicily finally arrive at Malta, demoralizing the Turkish troops and inciting them to abandon the siege of the remaining Christian forts. This is the last great European battle involving Crusder Knights.

Jean de la Valette, commander of the Hospitaller defenses, has been focused primarily on simply holding out until Don Garcia, Viceroy of Sicily, can send help. Don Garcia, for his part, has been gathering soldiers and mercenaries from all over Europe.

Although Europe did little to help the Hospitallers when they were driven off of Rhodes, there now seems to be greater recognition of the potential threat to Europe from a resurgent Ottoman Empire and thus much greater interest in providing assistance.


The Great Siege of Malta 1565

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