Death of Sulieman The Magnificent, Sultan of Ottoman Empire Hot

Death of Sulieman The Magnificent, Sultan of Ottoman Empire

Suleiman the Magnificent
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Sulieman (Süleyman) "the Magnificent," sultan of the Ottoman Empire, dies in Szigetvár, Hungary at the age of 71. He was the tenth sultan of the Ottoman Empire and had the longest reign of all.

Suleiman is personally leading a large Ottoman army from Constantinople to open up a path through Hungary and into Austria.

He dies, however, before the Ottoman victory at the Siege of Szigetvár, a fortress in Baranya which blocks the way to Vienna.

During Sulieman's reign the Ottoman Empire reached the height of its power and influence. He personally led some of the most important Ottoman battles against Christendom: Belgrade, Rhodes, and most of Hungary. He also took control of most of the Middle East as well as large portions of North Africa.


Suleiman the Magnificent

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