Morisco Revolt Begins Among Muslim Converts to Christianity Hot

Morisco Revolt Begins Among Muslim Converts to Christianity

Luis de Requesens
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Morisco Revolt: Luis de Requesens, vice-admiral for King Philip II of Austria, leads a campaign into Alpujarras that ends the Morisco Revolt.

Also known as the War of Las Alpujarras or Revolt of Las Alpujarras, this is a rebellion against the Crown of Castile by Muslim converts to Christianity who still live in the Kingdom of Granada.

Luis de Requesens chooses to end the revolt by devastating the entire countryside. With Spanish and Italian troops led by John of Austria, the half brother of Philip II of Spain, large numbers of rebels are killed.

All of this was started in 1567 when Philip II decreed an end to toleration of Moorish culture. The Arabic and Berber languages are banned, and all books printed in Arabic script are burned. Traditional Moorish dress is also banned and the Moriscos are required to take Christian names.

Some will suspect that King Philip II of Spain deliberately goes to such extremes in the hopes that he will provoke a rebellion. It allows him to eliminate or expel all Moriscos — after seizing their land and other property, of course.

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