Massachusetts Bay Colony Started in Salem With Arrival of Puritan Colonists Hot

Massachusetts Bay Colony Started in Salem With Arrival of Puritan Colonists

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Puritan colonists arrive at Salem and start the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Currently the site is named Naumkeag and will be renamed Salem next year.

John Endicott leads this first group of 100 settlers and will serve as their first governor. A zealous Puritan, he will be more intolerant than other Puritans in some ways (for example, by demanding that men wear their hair short) but more tolerant in others (such as by giving shelter to Roger Williams).

Around 20,000 people from England will settle in the Massachusetts Bay Colony over the next decade. Most will be Puritan, and the colony's government will be kept strictly Puritan. Because the board of trustees decides to move here themselves, they will be able to administer the colony according to their religious beliefs, largely independent of interference from the king.

On the whole, the Massachusetts Bay Colony will be an economic success, attracting a great deal of trade and immigration.

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