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Death of Oliver Cromwell

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Oliver Cromwell dies in Whitehall, London, at the age of 59. It's believed that he has been suffering from urinary and kidney infections, and some accuse his personal physicians of mismanaging his health.

He was an important military leader during the Puritan revolt against the policies of English King Charles I and was extremely zealous in his Christian beliefs.

Cromwell even had his troops recite the Westminster Confession before a battle and then sing the Psalms of David while marching into battle.

After Charles I was executed, Cromwell discovered that parliamentary rules were corrupt and oppressed the common people. He seized power and had himself named "Lord Protector."

One important feature of his rule was his relatively liberal religious tolerance. Dissenters of all types — even Quakers and Roman Catholics — were allowed meet in their churches.


Oliver Cromwell

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