Battle of Vienna - Polish & German Troops Amass to Lift Siege Hot

Battle of Vienna - Polish & German Troops Amass to Lift Siege

King John III Sobieski

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Battle of Vienna: Around sixty thousand Polish and German soldiers, mostly volunteers, gather together at Tulln, northwest of Vienna, under the command of Polish leader Jan Sobieski (now King Jan III of Poland).

Their intent is to help lift the siege against Vienna, but they will have to act quickly because the city is close to falling. Ottoman sappers have destroyed large sections of the city walls, and right now the defenders in Vienna are making plans to begin street-to-street combat.

Named the Holy League, the forces preparing for a counter-attack against the Ottomans are already remarkable in how well they're getting organized. Clear lines of authority are created under the Poles despite the multinational composition of the group.

Large sums of money are quickly made available from the government, and even more is obtained from bankers, noblemen, and the pope. The speed in which all of these logistical issues are handled contributes significantly to the final and incredible victory.

France has been invited to help drive the Ottomans out of Europe, but rather than do anything that might help the rival Hapsburgs, King Louis XIV of France decides instead to invade their western territories, primarily around Alsace. He even sends secret messages to the Ottoman Sultan to encourage him in his attacks on Austria.


The Battle of Vienna — "Deus Vincit" (1683)

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