Birth of Pope Gregory XVI, Last Monk to be Elected Pope Hot

Birth of Pope Gregory XVI, Last Monk to be Elected Pope

Pope Gregory XVI

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Pope Gregory XVI is born Bartolomeo Alberto Cappellari in the Republic of Venice. He will become a Camaldolese monk and even rise to the level of Vicar-general of the Camaldolese order. This will make him the last monk to be elected pope.

Gregory XVI will be a reactionary pope who opposes all aspects of modernism and liberalism in matters of religion, philosophy, and politics. He will even go so far as to ban railroads within his region of authority because he perceives them as a dangerous invention of modernity.

Pope Gregory XVI will also ban all internal dissent and punishes H.F.R de Lammenais, a French priest who founds the newspaper L'Avenir (The Future), because his writings promote ideas such as the separation of church and state, religious liberty, and freedom of the press.

Gregory XVI will oppose any reform of the papal government and tries to increase the centralization of papal authority. His policies and style of administration will be so extreme that they encourage the people living in the Papal States to revolt against the secular authority of popes. He will only manage to suppress this with the aid of the Austrian military.

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