Leo XII Elected Pope - Will Be Unpopular Even Among Catholics Hot

Leo XII Elected Pope - Will Be Unpopular Even Among Catholics

Pope Leo XII

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Leo XII is elected pope. Born Annibale Francesco Clemente Melchiore Girolamo Nicola Sermattei della Genga, he will be an especially reactionary pope who has been elected through the efforts of very conservative cardinals.

His inveterate opposition to modern ideas in both religion and politics will cause him to become a very unpopular figure, even among Catholics.

Regarding religion, Pope Leo XII will condemn religious freedom, religious toleration, and Freemasonry. In politics, he will restore feudal aristocracy in the Papal States, restrict Jews to ghettos, and engage in surveillance over all aspects of daily life.

When it comes to Catholics, however, he will insist that they be treated as equals in whatever state they live and objects strenuously if any government engages in the slightest discrimination against its Catholic citizens.

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