Charles Darwin Has First Interview With HMS Beagle's Captain Robert FitzRoy Hot

Charles Darwin Has First Interview With HMS Beagle's Captain Robert FitzRoy

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Charles Darwin has his first interview with Robert FitzRoy, Captain of the HMS Beagle, in hopes of becoming the ship's naturalist. Fitzroy very nearly rejects Darwin because of the shape of his nose.

However, the friend he had already promised the position to had to turn him down, so FitzRoy and Darwin spend the next week together, getting to know each other, and in the end they decide that they get along well enough to make the trip together.

At this time it's rather common for naturalists to be part of naval voyages such as this. During his first voyage on the Beagle, Robert FitzRoy greatly regretted not having someone there who could study the rocks and earth and provide more detailed information about the islands they were investigating.

That was also the first time FitzRoy was on his own and he strongly felt the absence of an educated man whom he could talk to and dine with. He was determined that this should not happen again, but in the future he will regret taking on Charles Darwin because he will feel partially responsible for Darwin's development of evolutionary theory.


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