President Millard Fillmore Appoints Mormon Brigham Young as Governor of Utah Territory Hot

President Millard Fillmore Appoints Mormon Brigham Young as Governor of Utah Territory

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President Millard Fillmore appoints Mormon leader Brigham Young as governor of the newly created Territory of Utah. This appointment will be confirmed by the Senate in a few days, and his inauguration will occur in February.

It will be a long, long time before the Territory of Utah becomes the State of Utah — 46 years, in fact. This can be contrasted with the Nevada Territory becoming a state only three years after it is created out of Utah land, and despite being more sparsely populated. Colorado will become a territory much more quickly, too. The difference is due entirely to Mormonism — and specifically the practice of polygamy, though the theocratic nature of the church is a problem as well.

Politicians in Washington, D.C., will become very concerned with the integration of religious and civil power in the Utah Territory under Brigham Young and other Mormon leaders. The "theodemocracy" which is being followed by devout Mormons will be regarded by many people back east as incompatible with basic American principles.

There will also be significant hostility towards Mormon polygamy, a practice regarded by Protestant Christians as akin to slavery and thus something that needs to be stamped out — with force, if necessary.

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