Fanatic John Lee Leads Mormons in Mountain Meadows Massacre Hot

Fanatic John Lee Leads Mormons in Mountain Meadows Massacre

Mountain Meadows Massacre

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Mountain Meadows Massacre: Mormon fanatic John D. Lee, angered over President Buchanan's order to remove Brigham Young from governorship of the Utah Territory, leads a band of Mormons and Native Americans in a massacre of a California-bound wagon train of 135 (mostly Methodists) in Mountain Meadows, Utah.

The Baker-Fancher party has been camped at Mountain Meadows because it's a good staging area for groups traveling over the Mohave desert and into California. The Mormons have been staging attacks on the site since September 7; on this final day, John D. Lee himself convinces the party to surrender and hand over their weapons in exchange for safe passage out of there.

When they comply, he has everyone but the youngest children slaughtered.


Mountain Meadows Massacre

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