Brigham Young Declares Martial Law to Avoid Being Replaced as Utah's Governor Hot

Brigham Young Declares Martial Law to Avoid Being Replaced as Utah's Governor

Mormon Leader Brigham Young

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Brigham Young declares martial law and forbids U.S. troops from entering Utah in order to avoid being replaced by Alfred Cumming, a non-Mormon, as governor of Utah.

The declaration is addressed to the "citizens of Utah" and says, in part:

"I, Brigham Young, Governor and Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the Territory of Utah, in the name of the people of the United States in the Territory of Utah,

First — Forbid all armed forces of every description from coming into this Territory, under any pretense whatever.

Second — That all the forces in said Territory hold themselves in readiness to march at a moment's notice, to repel any and all such invasion

Third — Martial law is hereby declared to exist in this Territory, from and after the publication of this Proclamation; and no person shall be allowed to pass or repass, into or through, or from this Territory without a permit from the proper officer."


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