Death of German Philosopher Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach Hot

Death of German Philosopher Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach

Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach

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German philosopher Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach dies at the age of 68. As a philosopher, Feuerbach has been heavily influenced by Hegel and will himself influence the work of Marx and Engels. In fact, he will be generally regarded as the bridge that links Hegel with Marx.

Feuerbach critiqued religion and Christianity in his 1841 book Das Weses des Christentums (The Essence of Christianity). In it, he defined religion as a sort of dream and argued that "spiritual development" is more about humans than about gods.

Essentially, his argument against religion has been that all belief in gods is a product of anthropomorphism because humans project their own ideals and images upon nature.

These critiques of religion will be especially influential on Marx and Engels, though the two of them will also critique Feuerbach because his materialism can be inconsistent.


Philosophy of Ludwig von Feuerbach

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