Mahdist Army Defeated by Coalition of English, Egyptian, Sudanese Forces Hot

Mahdist Army Defeated by Coalition of English, Egyptian, Sudanese Forces

Battle of Omdurman (1898)
Source: Wikipedia

Mahdist War: A coalition of English, Egyptian, and Sudanese forces under the command of British general Sir Horatio Herbert Kitchener meet and defeated the Mahdist Army led by the Khalifa Abdullahi at Omdurman, outside of Khartoum.

The British force has 8,200 British soldiers and 17,600 Egyptian and Sudanese soldiers. The Mahdist forces, in contrast, have more than 60,000 warriors — but they have inferior equipment and are poorly led. As a result, they are cut down in large numbers, especially with British machine guns.

During this battle in which Winston Churchill takes part, the British mount what will be the last meaningful British cavalry charge.

The Mahdist army is led by Muhammad Ahmad, a Muslim cleric who has been preaching a renewal of Islam and liberation of Muslims from foreign colonial masters. He attracted enough followers by 1881 to launch a revolt and proclaim himself the Mahdi — a promised redeemer who is paving the way for the second coming of Jesus.

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