Birth of Hans Josef Maria Globke, Key Architect of the Holocaust Hot

Birth of Hans Josef Maria Globke, Key Architect of the Holocaust

Hans Josef Maria Globke, 1963
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Hans Josef Maria Globke is born in Düsseldorf, Germany. A student of politics and law, he will be made an administrative councillor to the Prussian Ministry of the Interior, where he plays a key role in writing the emergency decree giving Hitler absolute power in Germany.

Hans Globke will also play a key role in the development of the Holocaust.

He will write an official commentary on the Nuremberg laws that deprive Jews of their citizenship, write regulations that impose restrictions on Jews in Germany (such as the requirement to have Jewish names), and serve as a chief legal advisor in the Office for Jewish Affairs in the Ministry of Interior, the department led by Adolf Eichmann which was responsible for administering the Holocaust. He is also apparently the one who finds in the records of the Catholic Church's Fourth Lateran Council of 1215 the historical precedent for requiring Jews to wear a yellow star.

Despite working so closely with the machinery of the Holocaust, Hans Globke was also apparently reporting on it to Catholic leaders. Beth Griech-Polelle writes in Bishop von Galen: German Catholicism and National Socialism:

"In early 1942 Margarete Sommer, a leader of Berlin's Aid Society, sent Bishop Preysing a report documenting the deportations and deaths of Catholic Jews. She had received much of her information from Nazi leader Hans Globke, who spent his days writing anti-Semitic legislation and his nights channeling details of the murders of Jews to Sommer.

Sommer's report was circulated, and on February 5, 1942, Bishop Berning referred to it in church. Cardinal Bertram received and read the report on February 14. At the bishops' conference held February 22-24, 1942, a discussion about the fate of evacuated non-Aryans appeared on the agenda.

Von Galen attended this conference. He remained silent. Cardinal Bertram, the leader of the Fulda Bishops' Conference, cut off contact with Sommer to avoid being labeled a traitor. This effectively interfered with the transmission of her information to the clergymen."

After World War II Hans Globke will be State Secretary for Konrad Adenauer and the Chancellor's right-hand man from 1953 to 1963.


Der Mann hinter Adenauer — Die unheimliche deutsche Karriere des Dr. Globke

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