Birth of Ilse Kohler Schnitzel, Brutal Female Concentration Camp Guard Hot

Birth of Ilse Kohler Schnitzel, Brutal Female Concentration Camp Guard

Karl-Otto Koch and Isle Koch at the Beach

Timeline of History


Ilse Kohler Schnitzel is born. Ilse will marry Karl Otto Koch and takes the name Ilse Koch. Her husband becomes the first commandant of the Buchenwald concentration camp.

Ilse, herself an SS officer by this time, will acquire the nicknames "the Witch of Buchenwald" ("Die Hexe von Buchenwald") and "the Bitch of Buchenwald" ("Buchenwälder Schlampe") because of her incredible brutality against inmates.

She will, many believe, create lampshades out of human skin, for example, and has a whip fitted with razor blades to use on pregnant women. When the Nazis arrest he and her husband in 1943, however, it's not for any of this. Instead, it's because they are suspected of using their positions in the concentration camps for private enrichment, embezzlement, and the murder of prisoners to ensure their silence about crimes being committed.

Ilse will be acquitted due to lack of evidence and released in 1944. Karl will be convicted and is executed in 1945.


The Most Evil Women In History — Ilse Koch

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