Carl Jung Makes Public Break With Freud Hot

Carl Jung Makes Public Break With Freud

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Carl Jung publicly breaks with Freud by presenting his typology system to the Fourth International Congress of Psychoanalysis in Munich.

Jung's talk introduces some of the key elements of analytical psychology that will distinguish his work from Freud's in the coming decades.

Sigmund Freud is also in attendance and the two of them spend time together, but this is the last time the two men will ever meet.

The essential difference which develops between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud is about the nature of the unconscious. Jung is coming to believe that Freud's theory of the unconscious is incomplete and too negative.

He agrees with most if not all of the basic elements in Freud's model of the unconscious, but will argue that there is a deeper level of unconscious — a "collective unconscious" where the archetypes he writes about can be found.

The idea of a collective or common unconscious is not new to Freud, but he never regards it as something independent of the rest of the human psyche.


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