Nazi Paper Praises Stewart Houston Chamberlain's Anti-Semitic Book

Nazi Paper Praises Stewart Houston Chamberlain's Anti-Semitic Book

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Houston Stewart Chamberlain's Foundations of the Nineteenth Century is described in an article in the Völkischer Beobachter, the Nazi Party's official newspaper, as "the gospel of the National Socialist movement."

Born in Britain, Chamberlain has become a naturalized German citizen, and his viciously anti-Semitic book is based on the idea that Western civilization has been largely defined by the work of Germans. Everything good about Western civilization can be traced to Germans; everything bad in Western civilization and history, however, can be traced directly to the Jews.

In fact, Chamberlain even argues that Western civilization would have been destroyed had the Germanic tribes not conquered the Roman Empire, which was at the time being taken over by Jews.

This idea that Germans saved the West in the past through military conquest will prove influential to those who argue that Germany must do so yet again, this time to destroy the Jewish-created ideology of Bolshevism.

The concept of race, and that a particular race can be inherently good or evil, plays a significant role in Chamberlain's book, and he argues that while Jesus may have been part of the Jewish religion, he wasn't Jewish by race. This attempt to separate Jesus from Judaism will prove useful for Germans trying to develop an "Aryan Christianity" during the Nazi era.

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