Reichstag President Hermann Göring Begins Libel Proceedings Against Franz von Papen

Reichstag President Hermann Göring Begins Libel Proceedings Against Franz von Papen

Vice Chancellor Franz von Papen
Source: Deutsches Bundesarchiv

Hermann Göring, president of the Reichstag, institutes libel proceedings against Franz von Papen, newly appointed as Chancellor of Germany.

Papen accused Göring of acting unconstitutionally earlier this week when he refused to recognize the Chancellor's dissolution of the Reichstag and call for a new election. Franz von Papen took this move after the Reichstag held a 513-32 no-confidence vote in his leadership.

Hermann Göring claims that the government under Franz von Papen is trying to undermine the Nazi Party's goals:

"Von Papen thought he could disperse the Reichstag as if it were a lot of whipped curs, but at the finish it was the Cabinet that slunk away with its tail between its legs!"

The Nazis favor a no-confidence vote in Papen because they want to replace him with Adolf Hitler. Indeed, they are shocked that Papen was appointed as Chancellor in the first place.

New elections, however, put the current Nazi hold on power at risk since they might end up with fewer votes and seats — which is exactly what will happen.


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