Birth of William L. Pierce III, Author of 'The Turner Diaries' Hot

Birth of William L. Pierce III, Author of 'The Turner Diaries'

William Pierce

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William Luther Pierce III is born in Atlanta, Georgia. As leader of the white supremacist National Alliance, he will be one of the most important ideological forces in American fascism and white nationalism in the late 20th century.

Pierce will be most famous for writing the book The Turner Diaries, a blueprint for a race war that creates a nuclear holocaust which wipes out everyone who isn't white. This book will inspire Timothy McVeigh's bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City as well as many other white supremacists in America.

William Pierce will spend two years in a military academy and work as a physicist before becoming politically active in the 1960s. For him, the Civil Rights movement will be a threat to the white race and the anti-war movement will be a communist plot to undermine America.


Timothy McVeigh and the Turner Diaries Connection

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