Bavarian Priests' Association Insists it's Happy to Help Identify Jews in Germany Hot

Bavarian Priests' Association Insists it's Happy to Help Identify Jews in Germany

Jews Not Wanted Here

Klerusblatt, the official publication of the Bavarian Priests' Association, insists that it is happy to help the state identify Jews in German society.

The German priests explain:

"We have always unselfishly worked for the people without regard to gratitude or ingratitude. We shall also do our best to help in this service to the people."

Because of the number of public jobs where Jews are banned, anyone applying for such a position — for example, a civil service job with the government — needs to prove that they are not Jewish. Such proof requires church records, however, because this is where all the birth, marriage, and baptismal records are.

The task of providing information about who is and is not a Jew continues throughout the Nazi era, even when doing so means sending Jews to their death rather than simply preventing them from getting a job.

There is no protest at the mistreatment, disenfranchisement, or murder of the Jews; instead, they only complain about having to do so much extra work without getting paid for it.


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