Klaus Barbie Joins SD, Special Security Branch Service of the SS Hot

Klaus Barbie Joins SD, Special Security Branch Service of the SS

Klaus Barbie, 1944

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Klaus Barbie joins the Sicherheitsdienst (SD), the special security branch service of the SS. The SD acts as the intelligence-gathering organization of the Nazi Party.

Barbie isn't actually a member of the Nazi Party yet — he doesn't join until 1937. This means his commitment to the work of the SD is independent of any commitment to Nazi ideology or the Nazi government.

Later Klaus Barbie will be made head of the Gestapo in France, where he becomes responsible for constructing the first French concentration camp at Hôtel Terminus in Lyon. Here he will be personally involved in the torture of prisoners, including sexual abuse with dogs and electroshock.

Some estimates will put at 14,000 the number of deaths he is directly responsible for. This is how he will the nick-name Butcher of Lyons.


Nazi Hunters, Klaus Barbie

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