Priest Assails Atheism, Secularism, Liberalism as 'Wounds in the Body of Christianity'

Rev. Kilian Hennrich, a Roman Catholic priest, assails atheism, liberalism, radicalism, secularism, and "indifferentism" as "wounds in the Body of Christianity."

According to Rev. Hennrich:

"Atheism preaches away with everything spiritual, including God, the soul, and religion. It is the worst form of materialism and attributes all power and rights to the physical man. Hence, its principles are: Might above right; there is no injustice and wrong if it finally benefits the physical man; there is no need for religion and charity; there is no definite morality and no ethical law of nature. Therefore everything is allowed, if it can be done. There is no responsibility to a power higher than man.

Liberalism is one of the most sinister forces, because it prepares the way for all the other wounds. Liberalism claims the license to teach what is not true, what is not certain, what cannot be proved by science or revelation. The source of liberalism is rationalism or the blind trust in fallible human knowledge.

Its objective is absolute freedom from the teaching and will of God. Its most dangerous promoters are many teachers and professors in institutions maintained by public funds, and irresponsible writers in 'yellow' papers and journals. These are traitors to God and country.

The third wound is radicalism, including extreme socialism. Its ideal is not God. but the absolute equality of man in every sphere of human life, spiritual, moral, or physical. It demands the sacrifice of everything, including religion, if this should be required for the welfare at a class, without regard to other classes or peoples.

Secularism, another wound, is a mixture of utilitarianism and materialism. It maintains that religion has nothing to do with politics, economics, industry, or public social life in general. It is a heresy pure and simple.

The last great evil to be mentioned is indifferentism, partially caused by spiritual blindness and ignorance. It is satisfied with the thought that eventually the salvation for the mystical body at Christ and the body politic will come. It means to neglect to ask for the help of God when human means have been exhausted."

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