Goebbels Shows Nazi Belief of Connection Between Jews & Communism Hot

Goebbels Shows Nazi Belief of Connection Between Jews & Communism

Josef Goebbels, 1940

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In his speech at the 9th NSDAP Party Day in Nuremberg, Joseph Goebbels makes clear the connection which Nazis believe exists between Jews and communism.

According to Goebbels:

"A political, cultural, moral, and intellectual infection of the highest degree is attempting to destroy a large portion of the planet.

In Spain this sickness has broken out and the battle being led by General Franco is on behalf of the entire civilized world. In Spain the European position on the question of international Jewry is being decided, because it is that which has wanted this fight and which is employing all methods at its disposal.

As the carriers of the Bolshevist Revolution, Jews are simply following their nature as an asocial and parasitical element within other nations. For this reason one must single out the Jews as inspiration, origin, and beneficiary of this terrible tragedy.

Nevertheless, not all is lost yet. ... The battle for Fatherland, Freedom, Honor, Family, God and Religion, Wives and Children, School and Education, Order, Custom, Culture and Civilization [has already been engaged]."

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