Pope Pius XI Attacks Atheism, Communism, & (Much Less Clearly) Nazism Hot

Pope Pius XI issues the encyclical attacking atheism, communism and, less explicitly, Nazism. Entitled "An encyclical letter on the rosary of the blessed Virgin Mary," it urges Roman Catholics around the world to pray against the evils of communism, atheism, and those who fight communism but also "exhume pagan errors and morals."

Neither Germany, nor the Nazis, nor fascism generally are mentioned by name in the same way that communism and atheism are.

Pope Pius XI writes:

"The dangers which threaten religious and civil society today are no less grave than in the past. The world is observed to be in a moral and spiritual crisis due to the forgetfulness of God. Because many show contempt and repudiate the eternal authority of God, who commands and forbids, it follows that the conscience of Christian duty is weakened and that faith wanes or is extinguished in men's souls. ...

Deep dissensions rend the classes of society. On the one hand Communism rears itself in denial even of all right to private property. On the other hand, the cult of the State and the desire to restore order and public authority against the intrigues of Communism led them to forget the wisdom of the Gospels and to exhume pagan errors and morals. ...

A wave of atheism sweeps over the world and threatens the destruction of all civilization."
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