Mussolini's Fascist Government Revokes Citizenship of Jews Hot

Mussolini's Fascist Government Revokes Citizenship of Jews

Benito Mussolini, 1919

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In Italy, Benito Mussolini's fascist government issues a new law revoking the citizenship of any Jew who became an Italian after January 1, 1919. Not only that, but now that they are technically foreigners, they are required to leave Italy within six months.

This order applies to Italy, Italy's North African colony Libya, and the Aegean islands. It does not, however, apply to Italy's East African holdings: Eritrea, Italian Somaliland, and Ethiopia.

There are no official numbers of foreign-born Jews who have taken up residence in Italy or who have gotten Italian citizenship, but some estimates place the number at around 10,000.

Fascist leaders say:

"Italy reacquires the purity of its race, which is thus preserved from the deteriorating influences of elements quite foreign and the freedom and health of its national economy, which is being built with hard, daily toil and not with the speculations of sharp business men of any type."

Virginia Gayda writes in Il Giornale d'Italia:

"These Hebrews, political or racial refugees of other countries, represent a foreign and perilous body and spirit inserted in the body and spirit of the Italian nation.

The purity of the Italian race is restored, preserving it against he corrosive influence of twice-foreign elements.

The Italian norm is a norm of justice and national necessity. It is a constructive affirmation because it tends to liberate the will and work of Italians from all contrary forces capable of deforming them and degrading and arresting their ascendent march."

Speaking in Nuremberg, Adolf Hitler praises Italy's anti-Semitic laws as if they were "independent" of German pressure. The official German news agency describes the decree as "stern measures against Jewish parasites."


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