Himmler: Death Penalty Will be Applied to Homosexuality in the SS Hot

Heinrich Himmler tells SS commanders that homosexuality is likely to result in the death penalty soon, at least when it comes to members of the SS.

According to Himmler:

"I can, for instance, envisage that it may be only a few years before a homosexual in the SS becomes liable for the death penalty."

In fact, members of the SS whose homosexuality has been discovered are already being unofficially executed. The official method for dealing with them is to strip them of rank, expel from the SS, and take them before a court.

Himmler himself has ordered that after serving the sentence imposed by the court, they are to be taken to a concentration camp where they can be shot while trying to escape.

In 1937 Himmler acknowledges that at least one case of homosexuality was brought up every month in the SS.

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