Italian Newspaper Praises Mussolini for Revoking Citizenship of Jews

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The Italian newspaper Tevere, which has been publishing harshly anti-Semitic material for several years, praises the new government decree rescinding the citizenship of all Jews who entered Italy after 1919.

More significant, though, is the claim that Jews are responsible for a "Stab in the Back" against Italy. This accusation is eerily similar to one made in Germany against liberals and Jews in the wake of World War I.

According to the article:

"During the Ethiopian War, all the forces that acted against Italy were unleashed by the Jews; the greater share of the responsibility for the application of sanctions against Italy must be attributed to Jews; the attempt to strangle Italy particularly willed and favored by Jewish currents and the Jewish International tried with its maneuvers to starve us and stab us in the back.

In the United States Italians were persecuted by Jews only because they were Italians; those governments that were especially responsible for those monstrous attempts were maneuvered and dominated by forces of Jews and Freemasons."

Tevere also calls for all Jews to be purged from the Italian government:

"We must continue our campaign in the armed forces, the judiciary, and the political organizations — although it is true that the Jews are already melting away without our thinking twice about them. We must free ourselves once and for all."

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