Newark Bishop Attacks Church for Being Cozy With Society's Elite

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Rev. Edwin S. Lines, Bishop of Newark, NJ, delivers the opening sermon of the 47th Triennial Episcopal Convention. In his sermon, Bishop Lines attacks the ways in which his church has become too cozy with the most powerful elements of society and consequently has been sacrificing the interests of the poorest elements of society.

Bishop Edwin Lines says:

"The Church is suffering today from too close association with those high in authority and in prosperity, while less considerate for the great majority for whom life is one long unending struggle.

The Church cannot countenance violent methods or an unfair day's pay or an unfair day's work or the breaking of agreements, but it must never lose its interest nor forget its obligation in the Master's name for the multitude in the hard places of life.

The Church must be able to give voice to the aspirations and hopes and desires of this multitude for something better in life for themselves and their children. ...

The Church must make its own the cause of the unprivileged people, those who are in hard places in life, those upon whom the existing social and industrial order presses heavily, while it must stand against injustice and unfairness on both sides."

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