Jesuit Priest Writes Article Claiming There are Good Jews & Bad Jews

Jesuit Priest Writes Article Claiming There are Good Jews & Bad Jews

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Jesuit priest Father Enrico Rosa publishes an article in which he insists that there really are good Jews alongside the bad ones.

This is supposed to be a defense of Jews against anti-Semitism, but it's ultimately an expression of anti-Semitism itself. Why? Because Jews are being singled out for implied criticism.

According to Father Rosa:

"Not all Jews are thieves, agitators, deceivers, usurers, Freemasons, crooks, and corruptors of morals. Everywhere, there is certain number of them who are not accomplices in the evil actions of the others."

Technically, Rosa is correct: not all Jews are bad. The same is technically correct for all groups: not all Catholics, Christians, Europeans, or Jesuit priests are thieves, agitators, deceivers, etc.

There's no reason to single any one group out for such an observation, though, unless so many of them are bad that it's necessary to emphasize that a few aren't.

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