Charles Lindbergh Advises America to Stay Neutral & Not Enter War Hot

Charles Lindbergh Advises America to Stay Neutral & Not Enter War

Charles Lindbergh, 1935

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Charles Lindbergh delivers a radio speech in which he advises America to remain neutral rather than enter the European war.

After telling people about how heavy the losses would be if America goes to war, he goes on to caution them not to believe the emotional appeals they see in the media.

Lindbergh says:

"We must ask who owns and who influences the newspaper, the news picture, and the radio station. If our people know the truth...this country is not likely to enter the war.

We must learn to look behind every article we read and every speech we hear."

This is unquestionably a veiled reference to Jewish control of the media, long a popular claim among anti-Semites. Newspaper editorials give Lindbergh's speech very positive reviews, which is ironic since he essentially attacked the newspapers as untrustworthy for being controlled by Jews.


Charles Lindbergh pleads for independence

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