German Bishops Promote Patriotism & Support for Invasion of Poland Hot

German Bishops Promote Patriotism & Support for Invasion of Poland

Mourning the Dead from the German Invasion of Poland

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In response to Germany's invasion of Poland, the German bishops publish a pastoral letter promoting patriotism and support for the Reich.

According to these Catholic leaders of Germany:

"In this decisive hour we encourage and admonish our Catholic soldiers, in obedience to the Führer, to do their duty and to be ready to sacrifice their whole person.

We appeal to the faithful to join in ardent prayers that God's providence may lead this war to blessed success and peace for Fatherland and Volk."

It wasn't that long ago that these same bishops had been thanking God and praising Adolf Hitler for achievements such as the peaceful annexation of Austria and Czechoslovakia. Now they express no reservation about taking territory from others through force of arms.


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