Hermann Göring Decrees Property of All Polish Jews be Seized by State Hot

Hermann Göring Decrees Property of All Polish Jews be Seized by State

Hermann Göring, 1939

Hermann Göring issues the decree "Order concerning Treatment of Property of Nationals of the former Polish State," ordering that the property of all Polish Jews be seized by the state.

The order states:

"Property of nationals of the former Polish State within the area of the Greater German Reich, including annexed Eastern territories, is subject to confiscation, administration by commissioner and sequestration in accordance with the following regulations. ...

(1) Confiscation will be applied in case of property belonging to: (a) Jews. (b) Persons who have fled or who have absented themselves for longer than a temporary period. ...

Sequestered property can be confiscated in favor of the Reich by the competent office, if the public weal, particularly the defence of the Reich or the consolidation of the German nationality, requires it."
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