Bishop von Galen of Münster Attacks Bolshevism, Compares it to Nazism

Bishop von Galen of Münster Attacks Bolshevism, Compares it to Nazism

Bishop Clemens August von Galen of Münster

Bishop Clemens August von Galen of Münster has a pastoral letter read in the churches of his diocese in which he attacks the Bolshevism which Germans are fighting against, but then turns around to compare Nazism with Bolshevism.

According to Bishop Galen:

"God is my witness that I wish all success, with a warm heart, to the German armies against godless Communism. It is my daily prayer, and I pray daily to God the Lord of Hosts.

God is also my witness that it is my love for the German people and my horror of the impious doctrines and crimes of Bolshevism that cause me to point to the danger that threatens behind the victorious German army: the false doctrines and errors that are similar to Russian Communism.

In Germany, too, naturalism and materialism are tolerated and encouraged. If there is no stop to this, they will pave the way in our German fatherland for the spiritual domination of Bolshevism of which our Führer spoke on June 22. ...

It is of no use if our brave soldiers overcome Bolshevism militarily, when at the same time through the current efforts of the Reich, Bolshevism gains ground spiritually in our people."

A Gestapo report written the next week comments:

"By way of countering the reading of the pastoral letter, the party has organized incessant counter-announcements. After these meetings the question is raised more and more in the population as to why the bishop, if he really is a traitor, is not arrested."


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