Pope Pius XII Appeals to Catholics to Fight Foes of Roman Catholic Church

Pope Pius XII Appeals to Catholics to Fight Foes of Roman Catholic Church

Pope Pius XII
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Speaking to a crowd of around 250,000, Pope Pius XII appeals to Catholics around the world to organize and fight the foes of the Roman Catholic Church.

According to the pope, the battle hinges on five points: religious culture, the sanctifying of Sunday, the saving of the Christian family, social justice, and loyalty and truthfulness in dealings.

Pope Pius XII says:

"The time for reflection and planning is past in religious and moral fields and the time for action has arrived. The opposing fronts in the religious and moral fields are becoming ever more clearly defined. The time of test is here. Are you ready?...

A more just distribution of wealth is a high social aim worthy of your efforts. Its successful realization presupposes that individuals as well as groups have the same understandings for the rights and needs of others as they have for their own rights and their own needs."


Mass In Vatican With Pope Pius XII

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