Scientologist Edd Clark Jailed for Practicing Medicine Without License

Scientologist Edd Clark Jailed for Practicing Medicine Without License

L. Ron Hubbard, 1950

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In Phoenix, Arizona, Scientologist Edd Clark is jailed for practicing medicine without a license. Clark told police he studied at the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation when it was headquartered in Phoenix.

Two detectives, Romona Wacker and Eythel Deuel, told Clark they had various aches and pains and paid him $30 for his help.

According to Clark, he changed his profession from a music teacher to minister because "I really believe in dianetics, which is merely a modern science of mental health."

Clark also denies that he offered medical treatment to anyone:

"I used techniques of scientology in an attempt to help them. I used the theory of present time awareness on them — first making sure they realized where they were and why."

Edd Clark will plead innocent and his lawyer, Harry Stewart, will argue that the police investigation was a violation of Clark's freedom of religion.


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