Florida Newspaper Defends Religious Practices in Public Schools

Florida Newspaper Defends Religious Practices in Public Schools

Bible Lessons

In St. Petersburg, Florida, the Evening Independent publishes an editorial defending the practice in Dade County schools of having prayer, Bible reading, and religious instruction.

According to the unsigned editorial, which may have been written by Editor and Publisher Loyal Phillips, America needs more religion in order to better right godless communism.

The editorial says:

"This country was founded by religious people, Christian people who looked to God for help and guidance. Does this God fearing country now want to abandon its religious principles? We think not.

In our struggle with world communism and its godless creeds we need more prayer and not less. Perhaps we should return to some of the religious beliefs and religious customs of our forefathers.

Maybe more reading of Scripture and some application of the old hickory stick could do more with our juvenile problem than is now being done with our "modern methods."


Religious Extremism In Public Schools

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