Church of Scientology Sues over Allegedly Libelous Book About Scientology

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The Church of Scientology of California files suit in federal court against Dell Publishing Company, Inc., alleging that the recently published Dell book Scientology, the Now Religion is libelous and defamatory. Author George Malko is also named in the lawsuit which asks for $2 million general damages and $4 million punitive damages.

Dell will eventually pay an out-of-court settlement of $7,500 and $500 and doesn't release the book after its first paperback edition. Using this as a starting point, the Church of Scientology will demand that copies of the book be removed from libraries in Canada.

George Malko writes in Scientology, the Now Religion that Scientology is a "con game" and "evil cloud" which "settles on a person." He also writes:

"Hubbard's extensive discussion of things sexual, his concern with abortions, beatings, coitus under duress, flatulence which causes pressure on the foetus, certain cloacal references, all suggest to me a fascination which borders on the obsessive, as if he possessed a deep-seated hatred of women. All of them are being beaten, most of them prove to be unfaithful, few babies are wanted."

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