Conservatives in Episcopal Church Condemn Ordination of Women

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The Fellowship of Concerned Churchmen, an organization of conservative groups and publications in the Episcopal Church, issues a public statement condemning the ordination of women.

Yesterday, the Episcopal Church voted to allow women to become priests and bishops on an equal basis alongside men, a change that is being strongly criticized by conservatives but welcomed by liberals.

The Fellowship of Concerned Churchmen says in their statement:

"This action is null and void. We will not acknowledge the power of any ecclesiastical authority to impose this illegitimate decision or its consequences upon the faithful. ...

Hundred of thousands of Episcopalians mourn those two days. They mourn the departure of their official church structure into heresy.

However, they know that the faith did not end, nor did their loyalty to the worship, doctrine, and discipline embedded in the Book of Common Prayer. They remain faithful Episcopalians while rejecting the new denomination which still goes under the old name."

This organization further says that its members will boycott any worship services in which women are serving as priests. Among the advice it gives dissenters is:

"Refuse all cooperation, including financial, with the apostate national church and with apostate bishops and priests.

Support faithful priests and bishops; receive the sacraments only at the hands of faithful priests and bishops.

Worship and pray. Read the Scriptures. Use the Book of Common Prayer — still the only official book.

Endure the tribulations of this present time in patience, in steadfastness, in full hope."

Unofficial estimates put the size of this group at 300,000, or around 10% of the Episcopal Church.


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