Death of Psychologist Jean Piaget Hot

Death of Psychologist Jean Piaget

Jean Piaget, 1970

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Jean Piaget dies in Geneva, Switzerland at the age of 84.

A psychologist who focused on cognitive development, especially in children, Piaget has become famous for explaining mental growth in terms of four distinct stages.

Much of his research for this will be done while observing the growth of his own three children.

According to Jean Piaget, up through the age of 2 is the "sensorimotor" stage, characterized by the development of basic motor control and the ability to identify objects in the surrounding world. From 2 through 7 is the "preoperational" stage, when the child develops verbal skills and starts being able to use language with greater precision and variation.

Between 7 and 12 children experience the "concrete operational" stage, when they learn how to deal with abstract concepts such as numbers. The final stage is known as the "operational" stage. Occurring between the ages of 12 and 15, it is characterized by the development of the ability to reason logically.

As a concrete illustration, stage one is the development of the ability to recognize the existence of a book and the ability to manipulate it; stage two is the development of the ability to read and understand the book; stage three is the development of greater ability to mentally manipulate the concepts contained in the book and abstract out of them ideas for use elsewhere; stage four involves the ability logically critique the ideas in the book.

Piaget's have become known as the Constructivist Theory of intellectual development, according to which a person gradually assimilates new information as part of the process of developing knowledge. Active learning is inherent in the human species — something we are all inclined to do and should be encouraged to develop.


Jean Piaget: How a Child Thinks

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