Seattle Archbishop Hunthausen Reveals Vatican Stripped Him of Authority

Seattle Archbishop Hunthausen Reveals Vatican Stripped Him of Authority

Archbishop Raymond G. Hunthausen

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Archbishop Raymond G. Hunthausen of Seattle reveals that he has been stripped by the Vatican of the authority to make decisions in matters such as liturgy, ministry to homosexuals, training of priests, annulments, and moral issues in church medical institutions.

Authority in these areas has been turned over to Auxiliary Bishop Donald W. Wuerl. Much of Hunthausen's authority will be restored after a special bishops' commission in May, 1987.

Archbishop Hunthausen, who recently revealed that he has refused to pay income taxes in protest against spending on nuclear weapons, has come in for sharp criticism from conservative Catholics because he spends more time on social activism such as helping the poor and not enough time denouncing birth control and homosexuality. Conservative Catholics also criticize Hunthausen's calls for nuclear disarmament, arguing that nuclear weapons are perfectly consistent with Christian and Catholic doctrine.

Bishop Donald W. Wuerl has been chosen to take charge of so many things in Seattle because he is a much more orthodox bishop, and his placement here culminates a secret papal investigation into Archbishop's Hunthausen's liberalism that has lasted for two years.

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